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We Teach Music, Dance, Instruments That People love

About Spardha School of Music

Spardha is a futuristic digital platform for online music education. We are re-imagining music learning by creating a promising music school driven by Curated Curriculum, Certified Teachers & Personalized Musical Journeys for various student needs.“Musical journeys for different Student Personas” is our core product offering. We offer this product in 3 different flavours

Green Field Musical Journey for students who are very young & want to explore Music for the first time
Passion Oriented Musical Journey designed for people across various age groups & professions who want to learn music as a Hobby, Passion or Life-Skill
Certification Oriented Musical Journey for serious music learners interested in structure & formal music education

Each of Spardha’s products has been intelligently designed to solve all the major problems which exist in the Music Education sector as of today. Curated Curriculum for different student personas, a proprietary system to hire, upskill & manage teachers professionally, Personalized Journeys for different student profiles & above all a futuristic platform which combines the power of Curated curriculum, Professional Teachers & Personalized Musical Journeys into a seamless virtual classroom experience for all spardha students from the comfort of their home is all core building blocks of Spardha’s unique solution.

We’re on a mission to become the most trusted online platform for learning music & To contribute in the holistic development of our students & teachers

Turn your spark to a flame!

Music moves the world, in more ways than one. It means differently to everyone.

For some, it might be a way to grow their talent, break into a career, pick up an interest, a hobby, a life-skill or it might even be a stress buster. But it comes from a similar spark, a spark we help turn into a flame

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Story of  The Spardha School Of Music

The idea of “Spardha” originated from founders Saurabh & Amrita’s own experience of getting their child trained in Guitar and Keyboard. Like any other parent, they wanted their child to be an all rounder and hence, started looking for a good academy so that their child can learn Music holistically & become more confident, creative & better prepared for the future.

And when they could not find any specific institute which is well established and can give them confidence about the training content and teacher, they had an interesting problem to be solved.

Most often than not, either the training institutes were not recognized or they were far away from home or there were some quality & safety concerns.

What they further realized was that their personal challenge was the pain point of millions of people across India & abroad who are looking for quality music education for their children or for themselves.

So “Saurabh & Amrita” decided to bridge this gap of availability, safety, quality and convenience by incubating what is “Spardha” now.

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