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Be More Than A Music Teacher

We, at Spardha, believe that music ignites creativity and confidence. If you’ve got the passion to teach music, motivate your students, and instill confidence in them, you are just the one we are looking for!

Hassle Free
Online Experience

Train students across the world from your home.

We have created a one-click digital platform for you to schedule, conduct and regulate the classes.

Track the progress of each student, manage their lessons, and take classes - all at one place - without any hassle.

Nothing Matters More To Us Than Your Satisfaction

Competitive Salary

  • We value our teachers.
  • This is why we make the most righteous offer.
  • Additionally, the best performers get well-deserved bonuses.

Work Life Balance

  • You choose the timezone you want to work in, you decide your time slots, and you make your schedule.
  • Students will be assigned based on your availability.

Growth Opportunities

  • We want you to grow with us.
  • For this, we have a 5 level growth plan for our teachers leading to Subject Matter Expert with bonuses and additional opportunities.

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Meet our Teachers

Dr Arpitha Hebbar

Carnatic Vocals

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“I love the way things are set up at spardha. Everything is so organized and systematic. Both the teachers and customers are handled very well. I mainly like the way classes are arranged and both the parties are kept in sync. Any concerns and problems get solved immediately. There is always a dedicated staff to help us & guide us.”

Chitranshi Chavan

Electronic Keyboard

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“My 2 year journey at Spardha School of Music as a Keyboard and Indian classical music Vocal has been truly wonderful. The online platform's well-structured sessions, incentives, and curriculum makes work very smooth. The team is also very supportive and responds quickly. I'm thoroughly enjoying my time at Spardha and plan to continue for a long time.”

Varsha Yagnik,

Western Vocals

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“I have been teaching Western Vocals at Spardha for a year and it has been amazing. All the sessions are conducted professionally and it’s very easy for us teachers to track each student’s progress on the portal. We also get a fair amount of creative freedom with the syllabus to ensure that the sessions are fun for both student and teacher."

Laksh Mishra,

Electric Guitar

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"Since joining Spardha, the transformative change for me has been developing global connections and sharing the joy of learning and playing electric guitar. As an SME, I take pride in grooming future musicians and contributing in making music education accessible to all. Conducting a Masterclass for the electric guitar students has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me because of the enthusiasm and curiosity of the kids."

Sudha Lachyan,

Hindustani Classical

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"The best change that happened to me after joining Spardha is that I started waking up at Brahma Muhurat to teach my students in the US. Spardha helps me connect globally and spread the Joy of Hindustani Classical Vocals. I also love working as an SME for Gandharva Exams to groom future musicians. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to conduct a Master Class on ragas for students across geographies and age groups."


Yes! Once you become a Spardha student, you will have access to all the resources you need from reading material to practise videos, and even tools like metronome, music sheets, backing track and more.You will find all the resources on your student dashboard.

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