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Spardha School of Music - Online Music Classes for All Ages

We very well know that learning music has various advantages for people of all ages on their social, personal, intellectual and mental development. Music learning is a rewarding and enriching experience. But due to the changing environment and trends of teaching and learning, Online classes have become the smart way of learning anything. We at Spardha School of Music provide you with various instrument classes and music lessons online.

Online music classes allow people of all ages and skill levels to learn from the comfort of their own home. Research shows that these students can often progress more quickly than those in traditional lessons, as they are more likely to continue practicing after the lesson ends. With so many benefits and little to lose, it's time to explore learning music through online classes.

Courses available at Spardha School of Music consists of following:

Piano Online Classes

Online piano classes are a great way for people to learn how to play piano. These classes can give you the opportunity to learn as per your own time, without feeling like you have too much stress on your hands. You can also be able to work around personal schedules and commitments that might not allow for in case of traditional lessons. Playing piano is a great way to find peace and relaxation. It produces soothing sounds and offers therapeutic benefits for all.

Tabla Online Classes

The Indian instrument, the Tabla is known for its bright and captivating sound. Learning the Tabla online may turn out to be helpful, too. Tabla is the most versatile instrument that is alive with energy. It can be used to play classical Indian music, modern jazz, and many other genres. For those who are interested in learning tabla, they should know that it provides a lot of benefits as it is less time-consuming and affordable when compared to other instruments.

Guitar Online Classes

When it comes to learning a musical instrument like guitar, there are many benefits of going for it. Learning to play Guitar helps you to improve your hand-eye coordination, creativity along with increased confidence. In addition to the above, playing guitar also provides you with a sense of belongingness in the community - so much so that you might also find yourself making lifelong friends through the experience.

Western, Carnatic , Film Music and Hindustani Vocals Music Classes

At Spardha School of Music you can explore the opportunity of learning Western vocal music, Carnatic Music and Hindustani vocals Music. The online music classes provide you the freedom and liberty of exploring different genres without moving out to different classes physically. The free trial sessions give you an exciting option to judge what you can be good at without spending money. Along with the above benefits, the different levels of courses like beginner, intermediate and advanced level music courses help you in developing your career in this field.

Online Ukulele Classes

Ukulele is an easy to learn instrument. There are many different ukulele courses at Spardha School of Music that can be used by people of beginner level to advanced level. Beginner ukulele courses can help with simple techniques, even kids will be able to start learning music without being afraid. Ukuleles are less complicated than other musical instruments, so even a kid can easily start learning ukulele with online classes from the comfort of their home. If learnt properly with dedication and commitment, you'll soon be able to learn to play ukulele.

Online Flute Classes

Flute is one of the easiest wind instruments to learn online. It makes use of only one hand, the other hand is used just for the support. This makes learning flute easy for people at all ages, even kids can follow instructions and start mastering the art of making a sound with a simple instrument in no time at all. Online flute lessons are available at Spardha School of Music for kids or adults who want to learn how to play flute along with playing music. Kids can actually begin mastering the instrument at a young age. Flute classes online can help people all over the world explore this unique genre of music.

Online Violin Classes

We at Spardha School of Music provide violin lessons for people of all ages. We even offer music certification courses if you're interested in a career path. People can even develop their career by completing certification courses of various levels starting from beginners to intermediate to advanced level. Most violins are made of hollow wooden bodies and are high-pitched instruments which makes Violin one of those instruments which is difficult to master.