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Frequently Asked Question

What Is Spardha?

Spardha is a futuristic digital platform for online music education. We are re-imagining music learning by creating a global online music school driven by Curated Curriculum, Certified Trainers & Personalized Musical Journeys for different student Personas.

What are Spardha’s core product offerings?

“Musical journeys for different Student Personas” is our core product offering. We map out each student’s journey so as to create the best experience. There are three different journeys that our platform offers which depends upon what students are hoping to achieve.
Green Field Musical Journey for students who are very young & want to explore Music for the first time
Passion Oriented Musical Journey designed for people across various age groups & professions who want to learn music as a Hobby, Passion or Life-Skill
Certification Oriented Musical Journey for serious music learners interested in structure & formal music education

In how many categories does Spardha offer courses?

Spardha offers music lessons across multiple instrument & vocals categories like Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar, Western Vocals, Hindustani Vocals, Carnatic Vocals, Flute, Tabla, Violin, Ukulele and Harmonium.

How much will my kid / I learn in 3 months?

During the initial three months, Spardha trainers will cover a few chapters which will include basic musical exercises, melodies & theory concepts. After a few weeks of learning the fundamentals, you will probably be able to play simple songs. However, your ultimate progress will depend upon your natural ability ( a little), determination and practice time.

What are the qualifications and experience of the teachers?

Spardha has a large team of highly qualified musicians. We hire the best trainers who have a degree in music and a portfolio of work. Majority of our trainers have around 6 - 8 years of experience in music performances and music teachings. Also, Spardha has a very rigorous selection process in place which involves multiple rounds of behavioural and technical evaluation. Only the best ones can get through these rounds and be a part of our platform.

What are the various exam boards for which Spardha prepares a student for?

Spardha helps to prepare their students for globally recognized grade exam boards like Rockschool, Trinity & ABRSM. It also excels in Gandharva Mahavidyalaya & Prayag Sangeet Samiti exam preparations as well for Hindustani Vocals, Tabla and Flute categories.

Where is the head office of Spardha?

Spardha is a Private Limited Company based out of Pune, India with its registered office at office no. 502, Deron hills, SNo 5/1/1, Kalmadi Bangalow, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411057

What is the current profile of Spardha?

In its current share & form Spardha has 30,000+ registered users, 4000+ paying users based out of 5 largest markets India, USA , UAE, AU & UK being served by 300+ Spardha certified trainers round the clock.

Does Spardha give students an opportunity to participate in a talent hunt platform?

As part of our Digital Platform & Spardha Idol initiative, we encourage our students to perform live on various social media channels & as part of multiple initiatives being run by Spardha.
In near future Spardha will start collaborating with various Talent Hunt Platforms to promote its high performers so as to give them global exposure.

What are Spardha Originals?

As part of an initiative to groom serious talent in Spardha, we plan to launch various Music Composition workshops by Industry Veterans to help interested students compose their original music & launch on various platforms like Spotify, YouTube & several other similar platforms.

Can I learn & then teach on the Spardha platform?

As part of an initiative to help interested students carve out career opportunities in Music, we have special programs where we let our students learn Music holistically by completing Certification Oriented Musical Journeys & then complete diploma certificates in Music Teach to become Spardha Certified Trainers. Minimum age requirement for becoming a Spardha Certified Trainer is 21.

Does Spardha give music lessons to all age groups?

“Musical journeys for different Student Personas” is our core product offering. We offer this product in 3 different flavors - Green Field Musical Journey, Passion Oriented Musical Journey & Certification Oriented Musical Journey. Passion Oriented Musical Journey is designed for people across various age groups & professions who want to learn music as a Hobby, Passion or Life-Skill