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Graded Music Certifications

  • Internationally Recognised
  • Milestones in your Musical Journey (Beginner To Advanced)
  • Open to all with no age restrictions
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Spardha Idol : Compete With Talented & Aspiring Musicians Around The World.

  • Global Digital Stage
  • Participants from 15+ Countries
  • 1000+ Participants in 1st Edition
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Adaptive Learning
On Spardha’s Digital Platform

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Making learning engaging & fun
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Learn music & dance at your own pace through a personalized adaptive learning model that favors your interest and growth. Get a trusted result-oriented curriculum created by industry experts to accelerate your learning. You will also get multiple performance opportunities to boost your confidence and improve your technical skills.


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Build strong foundation with Spardha Books & Practice Videos

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Learn at your own pace with adaptive learning model

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Practice anytime with music tools to hone your skills

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Record your own songs with spardha’s virtual studio


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From Western Classical music to Pop songs, these courses will help your child play all their favourite songs. Our expert teachers will also help student to get international certifications. Enroll today and watch as your child transforms into a confident musician .

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“I love how my teachers adapt the curriculum to my preferences so I excel at what I am good at and stay motivated while also working on improvement.”

Ashka Jadhav

Ashka Jadhav


“The 1-1 sessions really helped Avishi because she got undivided attention. I have now enrolled my younger daughter as well at Spardha for singing lessons.”

Avishi Jaitley

Avishi Jaitley's


“I always look forward to my sessions because of how fun and supportive my teacher is, especially when I find something difficult. My teacher always makes it easy.”

Hiranmay Patankar

Hiranmay Patankar


“We have seen a good learning curve in Shriya's music sessions. But most importantly, it’s the personality development and confidence growth that is most remarkable.”


Shriya Tatwade’s


“I had started learning in my childhood but could not continue. Now that Spardha has an online platform, I am finally able to fulfill my dream of learning to sing.”

Srimukha Daripalli

Srimukha Daripalli


Meet our
Talented Instructors

Sudha Lachyan

Sudha Lachyan,
Indian Vocals

Sangeet Visharad, ABGMVM
Experience - 25+ Years

Abhinav Kishore

Abhinav Kishore,

RSL Guitar Grade 8 Certified
Experience - 10+ Years

Arpitha Hebbar

Dr. Arpitha Hebbar,
Carnatic Vocals

Sr. Grade, Carnatic Music
Experience - 15+ Years


Western Vocals

Trinity Grade 8 Certification
Experience - 10+ Years

Swapnil Katwe

Swapnil Katwe,

RSL Classical Grade 5 Certification
Experience - 15+ Years

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Ashka Jadhav

Ashka Jadhav

Category - Guitar
Pune, Maharashtra



Category - Indian Vocals
Pune, Maharashtra

Hiranmay Patankar

Hiranmay Patankar

Category - Electronic Keyboard
Pune, Maharashtra

Arpitha Hebbar

Dr. Arpitha Hebbar

Category - Carnatic Vocals
Bangalore, Karnataka

Varsha Yagnik

Varsha Yagnik

Category - Western Vocals
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Nitesh Aher

Nitesh Aher - Charukeshi

Category - Keyboard, Western Vocals
Pune, Maharashtra

Spardha School of Music - Online Music Classes for All Ages

If you're a new student to music or just want to learn how to play a musical instrument, you've probably heard about the various online music classes available. If you're looking for music lessons but haven't found anything suitable, you may be interested in checking out the music courses offered by Spardha School of Music. These courses allow you to learn all the basics of music lessons and play a variety of instruments. The best part about online music classes is that you'll never have to leave the comfort of your home.

There are many options available for online music classes. Trial online classes are necessarily the best option to have better understanding before joining any class and we at Spardha provide you with trial music classes free of cost. This way, you'll know that the instructors have extensive knowledge in the subject. At Spardha music classes you can also get music certification courses which are often more structured and synchronized. There are many reasons to enroll in Spardha Music classes.

One of the biggest advantages of online music classes is that they're very affordable. Taking pre-recorded or text-based lessons can save you money as they don't require the physical presence of the teacher. Plus, the courses are accessible 24 hours a day. Moreover, they're available 24/7, so you can schedule them any time you want. Furthermore, you'll also be able to choose the duration of the lessons according to your schedule.

Amazing courses to learn Musical instruments

The elements of music are the instruments that make it sound beautiful and unique. You can learn various instruments online like electric keyboard, acoustic guitar and piano. These are the tools of creating music which a composer needs to write a composition. You can learn basic to advanced courses in instrument learning. Instruments like guitar, piano or keyboard are used popularly in all western, pop and Indian music.

The Future and Benefits of Online Learning of Music

Whether classical or contemporary, music helps us think. We can understand ourselves better through music and learn it better. The power of a musical instrument is so strong that a musician can cure many diseases. We can learn to focus better when we listen to a piece of music. This makes music an excellent educational tool.

In addition to aural skills, musical training improves language processing skills. It increases the ability to distinguish between different types of sounds. They also improve the skills of speech and language. In this way, music helps to foster cognitive development. Unlike other forms of education, music is one of the most important things for children.

Another benefit of online music classes is the flexibility they offer. You can work full time, study during your lunch break, or even take classes on the weekends. With an online music class, you don't have to worry about going to class at the same time as everyone else. This is a big plus for students who are often working or studying full-time.

Aside from the convenience of taking online music classes, these courses save time and money. You don't need to drive to a studio or go out and buy study materials, or worry about figuring out what to wear. You can also practice at home and rehearse after class. The flexibility of online music lessons will help you reach your musical goals. You won't have to worry about rehearsing when you can take lessons anytime you wish.

An online class can also help you avoid the costs of petrol and hiring a studio. Using an Internet connection allows you to attend class anytime you like. You don't have to worry about driving to a classroom full of people. And you don't have to deal with noisy classmates. You can easily block out their voices and focus on learning the material without any distraction. You can also listen to music while you study, and it will be easier to concentrate and learn.

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