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Want your child to get international certifications and recognition for their musical talent? You’re in the right place.

  • Remove Performance Fear
  • Build Rigour and Discipline
  • Start a Career

With certifications from leading music exam boards:

  • RSL
  • Trinity
  • Gandharva Mahavidyalaya

With certifications from leading Dance exam boards:

  • Imperial Society of Teacher of Dancing (ISTD)

At Spardha School of Music, we prepare you/your kids for all the grades and guide you in choosing the right grade and exam type.

Rock School London

With Rockschool Music, Student can get certified from the world’s leading assessment board to offer graded syllabus for contemporary music subjects:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Western Vocals
  • Ukulele
  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Violin

The Rockschool syllabus has 9 levels of grades, from

  • Debut Grade to Grade 8

At Spardha School of Music, we prepare you/your kids for all the grades and guide you in choosing the right grade and exam type.


  • Ribbon icon Debut Grade
  • Ribbon icon Grade 1
  • Ribbon icon Grade 2
  • Ribbon icon Grade 3
  • Ribbon icon Grade 4
  • Ribbon icon Grade 5
  • Ribbon icon Grade 6
  • Ribbon icon Grade 7
  • Ribbon icon Grade 8

Exam Types

  • Grade Exam
  • Performance Certificate

Eligibility Criteria

  • No age restrictions.
  • No requirement to move from one grade to another.
  • Your child can appear for any grade based on their skillset.

Grade Exam Syllabus (Recorded)

  • 3 Performance Pieces (two of which may be Free Choice Pieces)
  • Technical Exercises (Section A, B, C and D for Level 3 qualifications)

This is the general syllabus. Specific pieces and exercises varies with the grades.

Performance Certificate Exam Syllabus (Recorded)

  • 5 Performance Pieces only (three of these can be Free Choice Pieces)

This is the general syllabus. Specific pieces depend on the Grade.


Rockschool, Trinity and ABRSM are the leading music exam boards with presence in 60+ countries. The primary difference between the three is that while RSL emphasizes on the contemporary and popular music pieces, Trinity is more focused on Classical pieces, and ABRSM focuses on traditional and classical music.

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“I love how my teachers adapt the curriculum to my preferences so I excel at what I am good at and stay motivated while also working on improvement.”

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Ashka Jadhav


“The 1-1 sessions really helped Avishi because she got undivided attention. I have now enrolled my younger daughter as well at Spardha for singing lessons.”

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“I always look forward to my sessions because of how fun and supportive my teacher is, especially when I find something difficult. My teacher always makes it easy.”

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Hiranmay Patankar


“We have seen a good learning curve in Shriya's music sessions. But most importantly, it’s the personality development and confidence growth that is most remarkable.”


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“I had started learning in my childhood but could not continue. Now that Spardha has an online platform, I am finally able to fulfill my dream of learning to sing.”

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Srimukha Daripalli


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