how to choose the perfect songs for your voice?

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Choosing the right songs for your voice is like finding the perfect puzzle piece. We all want to sound our best and captivate our audience, but it's not as easy as picking any song.

As beginners, it’s difficult to identify the kind of songs that suit our voice. We often confuse the kind of songs we want to sing to be the kind of songs we sing well, but that is hardly the case.

We practice more and more, trying to get better, with only minor progress…and thus, get demotivated and disheartened. 

But, there’s an easy fix.

To begin your singing journey, it's important to choose the right songs that suit your voice. To choose the right songs, you need to know your prima voce, the sweet spot of your voice. 

Here are some exercises and tips to help you find your sweet spot:

Know Your Vocal Range

The first step in selecting a perfect song is finding out your own prima voce (the sweet spot of your voice). A song only sounds good if you are comfortable while singing it.

We choose the right song for us based on how effortless it feels while singing. That depends on our scale and the scale of the song.

We all have unique voices, textures and pitch. For example, some people may find reaching high notes way easier than others while facing difficulty in reaching the low and vice-versa.

First, you should figure out your scale.

You can do that by simply trying solfege in different scales. Whichever scale you find the easiest to practice is your scale.

Now, how is scale and pitch related?

A scale has 7 notes, and pitch control is essential for hitting the right notes and expressing yourself effectively.

You should use these exercises and tips to improve your pitch accuracy:

Vocal exercises: Practice ascending and descending scales, focusing on hitting each note accurately.

Ear training: Train your ears to recognize and reproduce different pitches.

Once you have figured out your vocal range, try the following process step by step to choose your perfect songs:

1. Identify Your Unique Sound:
Your voice is like a fingerprint; it's one of a kind. Take a moment to think about what makes your voice special. Is it rich and warm, or bright and lively? Your unique sound is a powerful tool in finding the songs that suit you best.

2. Explore Different Styles to Find Your Comfort Zone:
Experiment with different styles and genres. It will help you find the songs that make you feel comfortable. If you sing with joy and ease, it will show in your performance.

3. Connect with the Lyrics:
The songs you choose should resonate with you emotionally. Singing is not just about hitting the right notes; it's about expressing feelings. When you connect with the lyrics, your performance becomes authentic and captivating.

4. Consider the Song's Range and Difficulty:
Not all songs are created in the same range. Some may have really high or low notes that are challenging, while others may be relatively easier. Balance your song choices, and gradually build up to more challenging pieces to grow as a singer.

5. Practice Makes Perfect:
Once you've found your perfect songs, practice is the key to perfection. Regular practice not only helps you improve but also strengthens your connection with the chosen songs.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to song selection. Your journey to discovering the right songs for your voice is a personal and rewarding one. Take your time, find what makes your voice unique, and enjoy the process.

Happy singing!

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