super cool ways to improve your guitar skills

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5 Super Cool Ways to Improve Your Guitar Skills

Playing guitar is no easy feat. If you really want to be a good guitarist, it takes practice and dedication to sharpen your skills. This article will provide helpful tips that will take your playing to the next level!

Practice Guitar Scales in different ways

You should practice guitar scales in different ways with different techniques to improve your guitar skills. One strategy is to use an arpeggio exercise. This involves playing a group of notes in sequence instead of all at once and they're often played with a sweep-picking technique which involves moving from one note to the next with your pick hand. Another strategy is exploring the modes of the major scale on your fretboard so that you can discover how one might sound when you play it up and down.

Proper Formation of Hands while playing Guitar

When you are beginning to learn how to play guitar it is often difficult to determine where your fingers should go. If they are touching each other or close enough together then the chords can be played without any problems. For some people, their fingers don't naturally fall into place and it is often because they lack flexibility in the wrists and fingers. It also can take time for your fingers to strengthen so that you can use more finger muscles instead of relying on just one muscle for each note.

Also you should plan what you want to do when you are practicing for thirty minutes, rather than playing aimlessly for an arbitrary amount of time. Make a list of concepts, songs and scales to be practiced in every session.

Practicing at the right Tempo

You don't want to be playing guitar at a tempo that's too difficult, or too easy as this will end up with one of the two problems - Either you'll find that you can't play because the speed is too slow or you'll be bored and your fingers will get all tense and your playing will suffer. Hence it's important to take care when practicing with the right tempo.

Use of Body posture during Practicing

When you practice your guitar, try to incorporate a number of body movements into the process. These help you get the full range along with getting your brain involved in what you are doing. For example, moving around rather than sitting at one place can condition the extremities and increase finger speed. Holding or kneeling on your guitar strings when possible will put different muscles in your hands and arms to work and may prevent injury. Cue up some music that has a wide variety of rhythmic patterns and try them on drums, bells, gongs or other percussive instruments which encourages musical ear-training.

Transcribe Songs

One of the best ways to improve your guitar skills is to learn how to transcribe melodies, bass lines and solos. This is a very challenging subject as it requires an in-depth understanding of the song and a lot of practice. However, it develops a real talent for listening and chord progression.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather some ideas that may work for you and hopefully, also become your own original methods to improve your skill.

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