the secret to learning music quickly & effectively

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The Secret to Learning Music Quickly & Effectively

Consistency is frustrating. But we all know that learning any new skill requires consistent efforts.

There is a lot of talk around enjoying every moment of the learning process and having fun.

But does it really work like that?

Not in our experience. The learning graph is never linear, there are highs and lows, and with that comes motivation as well as frustration.

But there’s a way out.

Did you know that we can hack our learning process to learn new things quickly and effectively?

But first, do you know how we learn?

We only learn…

20% of what we hear

70% of what we discuss


95% of what we teach!!

Because teaching something requires us to think about the information in a new way, and break it down into smaller pieces. And teaching involves repetition which makes us remember information better.

To learn something new faster, talk to people around you - friends and family, and explain to them what you have just learnt.

How can YOU help your kids learn music faster?

If your kids start something today, it will at least take them 4-5 months before they start seeing results. This is a long time for kids to lose interest or get discouraged.

If you ask them to teach you what they learnt in their music class, then it would not only help them learn faster but also prevent them from losing interest…

Because it provides an opportunity for them to share their knowledge and feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

When children teach you, they're also learning to understand the audience's expectations and needs so they can explain well.

And this skill will help them become excellent performers on stage once they are more confident as a musician.

Moreover, the process of teaching helps to build their

  • confidence,
  • self-esteem, and
  • sense of responsibility.

As parents, we can support our children's learning by listening to what they learnt and showing interest.

Give 30 minutes of your day to learning from your kids. You will make life long memories, learn what they are doing in their music class, and learn a new skill yourself. All this while helping them learn music faster.

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