how does vocal training boosts immunity?

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Vocal training boosts immunity. I would have been surprised by this statement a few years ago, I’m sure a lot of you are too, but yes, vocal training has a huge impact on our health and I’m going to unfold a few of them here.

It’s a well-known fact that singing has a lot of health benefits. Many studies and surveys have proven that singing relieves stress, boosts immunity, improves mental health etc. Vocal training ensures that we follow a healthy technique while singing which makes it more effective in terms of both mind and body.
First, let’s understand what is voice. As we exhale our vocal folds vibrate, and as those vibrations pass through our vocal tract, voiced sound is produced. Voice can be considered a wind instrument because it’s regulated by airflow. Thus, the entire respiratory system is involved in the process of singing, and our whole body works together to put up a performance.

Vocal training involves a combination of singing songs and practicing vocal techniques using various exercises, that focus on different parts of our body. Let’s understand how these exercises improve our immune system.


‘Posture’ s equivalent to the shape of an instrument. A good posture means relaxed muscles and minimum stress on our vocal folds. It ensures maximum space in our body and we know that sound loves space.

A healthy posture increases lung capacity, therefore, enhances breathing. It releases muscle tension and reduces temporomandibular joint paint. Since our bones and joints are in correct alignment it increases energy levels and also improves spine health.

Breath Management

‘Breath Management’ is an inevitable part of vocal training. Singers are taught to use diaphragmatic breathing, you may have heard of it as belly breathing or deep breathing. The idea is to feel the breath low and train our core muscles to provide support. Since our ‘voice box’ or ‘larynx’ has very delicate and complicated network of muscles it needs support.

Deep breathing provides a lot of oxygen and clears out toxins from our body, improves digestion, promotes blood flow, calms down anxiety, treats insomnia, relaxes the mind and body and thus boosts immunity.

Vocal Health and Hygiene

‘Vocal Health and Hygiene’ is another important part of vocal training that involves understanding the importance of voice and body rest, hydration and proper nutrition.

  • Rest is essential for everyone so it ideal for singers to take a day off from their busy schedules and rest without using their voice to sing or even talk. A quality sleep improves the recovery process of our body and fights off infections.
  • Dehydration leads to excessive mucus in our throat making it difficult to sing, so it is always advised that singers stay hydrated all the time. Water helps to carry oxygen to our body cells, resulting in proper functioning of organs. It also removes toxins from our body.
  • To maintain a healthy voice one needs a healthy body. Everyone can benefit from a balanced diet with moderate fat and oils.

Evidently all of the above add to our immunity. Voice is an instrument that has to be built with regular practice. Since it cannot be replaced and takes a long time to recover, we must take good care of it. So, in a way vocal training makes us aware of our own body and helps us understand healthy practices and habits that promote singing in the most effective way.

Some of the exercises are really fun to do, laughing like a monster is one of my favorites.

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