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What is Tanpura ?

Tanpura is not just about the melodies, it creates a meditative environment to support the practice and performance of musicians. The instrument features 4 strings tuned to the specific notes of a scale or key. Normally, the strings featured are the fifth (Pa, or So in Solfege), and the root note (Sa, Do in Solfege). Three strings are tuned to the same note, while the fourth is an octave lower, creating a deep, resonant sound. This simple yet profound instrument supports our musicians and vocalists, making it an essential part of your musical journey.

How To Use A Tanpura ?

It’s very easy to use the tanpura for your practice. First, choose the scale you want to sing in from the dropdown menu. Adjust the volume using the + and - buttons as needed. Click the "Play" button to begin your practice. Make sure to match your Sa/Do note with the Tanpura's sound to ensure you're singing in the correct key and scale. Happy practicing!


What is Purpose Of A Tanpura ?
While Practicing Music ?

Any singing riyaz or vocal practice is only effective when done in sync with melody and rhythm.The Tanpura is a crucial companion for your vocal practice, offering consistent and soothing background sounds. It gives the essential base note Sa or Aadhar Shadja, to ensure you are singing in the right key. It also gives the 5th note Pancham (Pa) which provides the additional support along with the Sa to maintain the scale and stay in tune. It helps you stay in tune, maintain the right pitch, and improve your vocal quality while practicing. The Tanpura's steady sound provides a reliable foundation for your voice.

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