Spardha Violin Method Book 1

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About The Course

If your child has been learning Violin for more than 6 months and has mastered the basics up to the foundation level, then the Spardha Violin Method Book 1 course is perfect for them. In this course, they will be introduced to different bowings to familiarise the student with every part of the bow.

They'll learn how to play different melodies, ornamentations and more. The course also focuses on building up repertoire as your child will learn pieces by different composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Handel and more. It's a great way for them to take their Violin skills to the next level!


  • Ideal age of student - 9-10 years
  • Student must have their own Violin, so that they can practice and hone their skills
  • Student should have a sound understanding of the Foundation level techniques

Topics Covered

  • 2 Octave Major Scales
  • Posture and fingers
  • 2 Octave Arpeggio
  • Bowing Exercises and Techniques
  • Articulation and Dynamics
  • Ornamentation
  • Pieces by different Composers

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate G,C,F, B Major scale
  • Execute two octave arpeggios
  • Showcase different dynamics, articulations, martele and string crossing
  • Play triplets and 16th notes subdivision
  • Play folk tunes and compositions by Handel, Prucell, Schumann and Mozart

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3 Months

  • Session duration: 60 Minutes each
  • No. of sessions: 12
  • Format: 1:1 with Teacher
USD 22.5/session USD 270/-
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6 Months

  • Session duration: 60 Minutes each
  • No. of sessions: 24
  • Format: 1:1 with Teacher
USD 21.38/session USD 513/-
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12 Months

  • Session duration: 60 Minutes each
  • No. of sessions: 48
  • Format: 1:1 with Teacher
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Yes! Once you become a Spardha student, you will have access to all the resources you need from reading material to practise videos, and even tools like metronome, music sheets, backing track and more.You will find all the resources on your student dashboard.

Meet our
Talented Instructors

Sudha Lachyan

Sudha Lachyan,
Indian Vocals

Sangeet Visharad, ABGMVM
Experience - 25+ Years

Abhinav Kishore

Abhinav Kishore,

RSL Guitar Grade 8 Certified
Experience - 10+ Years

Arpitha Hebbar

Dr. Arpitha Hebbar,
Carnatic Vocals

Sr. Grade, Carnatic Music
Experience - 15+ Years


Western Vocals

Trinity Grade 8 Certification
Experience - 10+ Years

Swapnil Katwe

Swapnil Katwe,

RSL Classical Grade 5 Certification
Experience - 15+ Years

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“I love how my teachers adapt the curriculum to my preferences so I excel at what I am good at and stay motivated while also working on improvement.”

Ashka Jadhav

Ashka Jadhav


“The 1-1 sessions really helped Avishi because she got undivided attention. I have now enrolled my younger daughter as well at Spardha for singing lessons.”

Avishi Jaitley

Avishi Jaitley's


“I always look forward to my sessions because of how fun and supportive my teacher is, especially when I find something difficult. My teacher always makes it easy.”

Hiranmay Patankar

Hiranmay Patankar


“We have seen a good learning curve in Shriya's music sessions. But most importantly, it’s the personality development and confidence growth that is most remarkable.”


Shriya Tatwade’s


“I had started learning in my childhood but could not continue. Now that Spardha has an online platform, I am finally able to fulfill my dream of learning to sing.”

Srimukha Daripalli

Srimukha Daripalli


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